Thursday, August 6, 2009


The Ladybug Birthday Party

The little ladybug woke up

and remembered,

it was a most special day-

her little friend's birthday

was today...

Her little abode-

a sweet little rose

with crystal droplets of dew,

reflected sunlit petals

into a rainbow of hue.

Now she must hurry

no time to tarry,

as she made cupcakes

vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry-

making a pot of rosehips tea

she spiced it extra carefully...

She then tidied up

picking a fresh

bouquet of buttercup,

to place on her table

with party favor

for little bugs to savor...

Ribbons were hung

and balloons strung

to celebrate such an occasion...

she heard the doorbell ring

the guests had arrived-

oh, what presents they did bring!

Then they all danced to a tune

that the ladybug wrote,

by the light of the silvery moon,

and ended on a most harmonious note

as they all sang "Happy Birthday to you!"

-Marie Lawrence

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  1. Hey its me again
    nice pics Pat. Like all the food stuff