Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Selkirks - Rogers Pass July 20, 2009

Road trip to the Selkirks & Rogers Pass was great day. Federal parks were aplenty and we had no problem finding a picnic site along the way. Once again, it was a photographers paradise, so many beautiful mountains and critters to keep the eye sharp!

The Last Spike of the Canadian Pacific Railway... November 7, 1885

Can you see the Cross?

The work it took to build these railways

Stellar's Jay... had a cheezie thanks to a patron of the park!

This crazy Raven was doing a little dance for me. The size of these birds is incredible!

Gophers everywhere! My first to see. They make this irritating sound when danger is close to warn their little buddies. Glad I don't live close to them!!

Cornus canadensis - Bunchberry Dogwood.
They are just growing along the roadside. A real treat to see.

Vernon & area July 2009

We were in Penticton for the day when the fire started at 2:30 pm July 18th, 2009. The smoke has become more intense in Vernon and has given us some beautiful light for photography.

The sky has this orange glow from the Terrace Mountain fire. The sun was spectacular!

Busy bees! Okay they are wasps but what the heck are they doing? Click the picture to see inside. Are there babies in there?

Grouse! My first to see...



On the Lookout. This eagle was calling out to a juvie, probably telling them to stay put as they are already fledging.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

July 9, 2009 Sidney Eagles

My visit to the nest today brought me many great photographic opportunitys...

Ma came flying right for me, I had to duck!

Ma looking out at the beach

Ma going to the nest with a food drop

Ma with more food

Yet another one...

Returning from the nest

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fledge Fest 2009 - Sidney Nest

One leg you say? Thank you Sidneboy!

Very wet young Robin... check out those mushrooms!

Fledge Fest group... others left to eat!

Our fellow chatters, left to right: Sidneyboy, Jammy, Lant_56


Parent in flight

Mr. David Hancock

Random photos July 6, 2009

Baby Red Tail Hawk

Harris Hawk

Flowers at Glendale Gardens

July 4 - 7th Sidney Eagles Nest

You may already know that I'm a BIG FAN of watching the Sidney Eagle Nest cam. I have made some new friends in chat and on the roadway! I am very priviledged to live on such a beautiful island and to be so close to this particular nest. When something doesn't seem right, I have gone down to the nest area to try and find our missing friends and report back...

Here is a photo of our missing Hero from Friday July 3rd. The last three are my times at the nest site trying to locate our famous Tiny Tink. Parent on the look out and calling and finally our first born Breeze sitting on the lower branch of the old nest tree.

July 2nd, 2009

When we travel to the Okanagan we enjoy taking the back roads or side roads. This particular day we took the Douglas Lake Road from Westwold to Merritt. What a great choice! Thank you "A Fine Kettle o' Fish" making that suggestion. Just love seeing all of these old homesteads. I think it's great that the landowners chose to keep them up.

Just love the fields and fields of wild flowers

Check this Osprey nest out! How do they survive?

One of the mountains near Agassiz