Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fall - Harvest

I am wondering where did our summer go? With the blink of an eye there was fall! It's okay actually, as I find it to be my favourite time of year. Soft light of the sun hitting the orange/brown/mauve/yellow colours of the leaves on the trees. It calms my soul... Going for walks near the forest or the ocean, hearing the rustle of the fallen leaves or the swoosh of the waves, being one with the earth...

Fall also brings on the delightful apples, pears, pumpkins, squashes and still the favourable corn! Sweet corn smothered with butter and salt. That says fall to me... Share with me what reminds you of fall, I would love to hear

Gerbera ~ they look so cute in my cow creamers :)

Acorn ~ they are still quite soft and squishy. Can't wait till they are ready!

Sunflower ~ it is such a happy flower

Salmon BBQ ~ it looked and smelled delicious!

Lamb roast ~ it is quite a sight seeing all these lambs on the spit. I could not bring myself to eat any...

Black Gold ~ making ourselves a cup of coffee wherever we stop, this is my favourite thing to do any time of the year :)


  1. Pictures are beautiful Pat. That is something I always wanted to do is to take lovely photos. Maybe one day. hugs Barb

  2. Great shots, Past. I especially like the gerbera in the cow creamers. You sure have a gift and I can only hope to get as good as you with a camera. Pam (Goldenrule)

  3. Very nice blog posting Pat .... Jimmy Crack Corn would be proud